Digital storytelling with people with dementia in long-term care: place, home and community

  • Andrea Capstick School of Dementia Studies, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford


Over a period of 18 months, we worked with ten people with dementia living in a long-term care environment to co-produce digital stories on subjects that were of interest to them.  Each participant made an individual short film (range 3 - 12 minutes).  All the participants chose to base the story they told on their own earlier lives, and to locate it in a specific place.  This suggests that people with dementia continue to associate a sense of identity with specific communities, and with concepts of home and belonging. 

The presentation will explain how we drew on local history archives and creative commons sources to co-create short films which represent the important messages the participants wanted to convey about themselves and their lived experience. In the process we encounter many intersectionalities with social history during the 20th century due to factors such as world war, slum clearance, the growth of social housing, the demise of manufacturing industry and the changing roles of women.

Resumos: Conferência Internacional Silver Stories