Digital Aging in Romanian Public Libraries

  • Camelia Crisan National University for Political Studies & Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
  • Ramona Sinca Progress Foundation, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania


In the past years, libraries have become vibrant community places where people of all ages and from all social strata access technology in order to solve personal problems and live better lives. Since 2009 the Progress Foundation works with public libraries across Romania in order to introduce Digital Storytelling (DS) as a permanent library service, to train librarians and library users in this methodology, especially senior citizens and third sector organization representatives, working with vulnerable citizens.


However, DS in libraries is not a new activity. Conrad (2013) examines the way in which storytelling can contribute to the documentation of local history, while some research has been carried out already on why participants in DS workshops carried out in Romanian libraries choose to tell a certain story (Crisan and Dunford, 2014).

The initial format of the DS workshop has been changed by the Romanian librarians based on the first round of implementation, the feedback from the elderly participants and by comparison with how other partners implement their DS workshops. This has led us to putting together a lessons learned document emphasizing what we have done right, and what needed change for future implementation. These lessons and the path that lead us to changes in facilitation techniques and in the quality of the stories will be the focus of our presentation.
Resumos: Conferência Internacional Silver Stories