Digital storytelling: A method to raise awareness about health conditions to the older individuals

  • Elis Angela Batistella UFSC, Santa Catarina, Brazil


Digital storytelling is a powerful tool, which can be used by health professionals to enhance their communication with patients and/or older individuals from the community. Through images and sounds, contents and information become easier to be assimilated by the viewer, and can be embedded subconsciously to transmit the desired message.

In the field of dentistry, digital storytelling may be applied to engage older individuals with good health habits and healthy behaviours. For instance, through examples of other older individuals who had previously experienced the same events that the audience had, it is possible to make them feel comfortable and more receptive to the addressed affair. Impactful words, images, and songs are essential to touch listeners and transmit messages.

The main goal of the present work is to show how digital storytelling can help older individuals to better understand their conditions, encouraging healthy habits and promoting preventative measures in a pleasant way. The main reason for using storytelling for such is because the best way to have continued healthy habits depends on the self-individual. In order to establish such habits, it is crucial that the person internalizes the meaning and importance of the content. Therefore, by raising awareness to older individuals and empowering them, the use of digital storytelling is a powerful tool for helping elders to have lasting healthy habits, which contribute for their welfare and quality of life.

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